Monday, 16 May 2011

Treasure hunting.......................x

Well, well, moaning has paid off! Who said they couldn't find ANY treasures lately??? ME it was me! But ooooh look what we found at the car boot on Sunday. Of course we went looking for other things that were not to be that day, and in true treasure finding, up popped these lovelies........

I have been on the look out for a metal trunk for a while now, as our wicker Fortnum And Mason basket, and old trunk we use as a coffee table were being a bit battered and abused by bumblebee's and doggies.....
Now then - how much do you think???? Well the china was a grand total of £1.20, and the trunk we paid £10!!!

I love the blue inside, but the brown outside is grating on did need a good wash, as it was covered in sticky dust and bird poop!!

I'm sure wicker is addictive, I see some, and I must have it....... but at £2 who wouldn't ?

But this is no ordinary trunk, when we showed friends they were sure it was from Narnia. But it's even more precious than that you see, it contains the most priceless of treasures.....

The bumblebee's are super happy with a new hiding place, and I so wanted to try and get in too, but lets be realistic here eh?!!!
So a happy weekend was had by us all.....friends to play, car boots to wander round, tea and cakes with pals, and afternoon naps ( ok that was just me! )....I am being brave today. My wisdom teeth have been causing chaos I am sipping green tea, only able to suck my food, while looking hamster like...but this has not stopped me getting the paint brush out.....oooohhh ahhhh!!!!!

Mr.Q tells me, that for every treasure I bring into the house, one has to go. I find this completely unfair, I was on the lookout for treasures to sell, but when things are sooo nice, how can I sell them????
Let me know of any finds you have found this weekend.......xxxxxxx


  1. Poor you with your teeth. You got some really lovely buys, you cannot sell those
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Loving all your bargains! Yucky wisdom teeth - hope they settle.