Friday, 6 May 2011

Storm counting...................x

 Ooooh we have just sat on our bed with the bumblebee's, window open, listening to a storm...rumbling, flashing, gusts of wind and rain. We counted between the rumbles and flashes smelling the rain ( I remember doing this as a child......terrified I would be blown up or frazzled to a crisp!......) wrapped in our duvet with a cup of tea! The storm has now passed, as has the rain........really we need more rain...shall we all do a little rain dance for our flowers and vege's?

I have been busy again painting more beams this week...the kitchen this time. I just can't leave my Annie Sloan paint alone!! I never quite know how to answer people when they say " what have you been up to?"...ummmmm just all the normal things really, time passes, family needs feeding, watering, dogs walking, house cleaning, food gathering, etc etc....although this morning was our second Knit and Natter meeting, which I have been looking forward too. We were one crafter down ( missed you Kate! ) but I was quite pleased to finally have some time set aside to start my new patchwork......

I have had a lovely delivery of fabric's I intend on using...........some from the lovely Littleteawagon such a delight to open!!! I did take a few moments to admire the pretty packaging first!!

I am trying my luck at a brick type patchwork...hand sewn no long will this take???? Ummmmm hooo hummmm long as it takes! Someone is already bored.............................

Have a beautiful weekend, doing beautiful things with beautiful people. Watch out for those storms and don't forget to count how many miles away they are...xxxxx


  1. aaww we haven't had storms here yet, but I think tonight may be the glad you liked your fabrics,your quilt is going to be lovely,can't wait to see it :)
    Have a lovely weekend
    love from
    Jane x x x x

  2. No storms here either - even though they were promised - just a down pour last night. I do love a good elephant, two elephants, three elephants............!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina xxx

    ps. I think the wool I used is Rowan, but I bought it such a long time ago I honestly can't remember. N x