Wednesday, 18 May 2011

It's all white........................x

The last few days I've spent inside, still looking hamster, teeth still sore, and becoming more and more cabin fevery as the days has been nice to just be able to sit and read, with duvet and pillows on the sofa, and today I might continue with some sewing. It's odd isn't it, if you don't craft for a while, you do miss it....but when you start again, you can't stop!

I had this Cath Kidston embroidery folded up in the bottom of Nan's old sewing table.........think it took weeks to do, then was forgotten..... and now found, feeling loved, re-rived with a painted frame and a bit of lace...not sure where it's going yet, infact I quite like it here....

So I also wanted to show you the finished painted metal trunk we found at the weekend. Things like this age so much better, with a few scrapes and scratches it will look amazing, but as it is metal, I wasn't keen on distressing it....

Mr.Q has been such a lovely whilst I have been clutching my mouth and moaning, doing the school runs, dinners, packed lunches, tea making ( most important!! ).....makes me feel so lucky and proud, yup..... going to go all gooey now because he's my world, and I love him with all my might. When you are feeling awful, looking awful, and you feel a hand stroking your hair, a little kiss on your makes everything all right again.
Have a good Wednesday xxxxxx

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