Friday, 13 May 2011

Witterings of a chocaholic...................x

I am feeling quite grumpy. I have not found any treasure for yonks and yonks, the charity shops don't seem to be  providing at the mo, and we have missed out on car boots it the time of year? It's so odd, usually I find a little tea plate or Enid Blyton book at least...grump, grump, grumpity grumps.......

Something that did make me smile this week, has been a little present from my sister....she sometimes sends us bits and bobs in the she still lives in Sussex where we grew up. I think she knows how much I like to receive ANY post, let alone a parcel!

Isn't she cute, a lovely polka dotty teacup for plants, with saucer if you please. I couldn't resist the potted viola plants at 80p per pot....BARGAIN!!!! ( I easily could have snitched the cutest spaniel puppy I have ever ever seen when I bought these viola's at the local farm shop...It was seriously cute....seriously......and it just snuggled up in it's jumper bed behind the counter, all sleepy and puppy-ish.....ahhhhhh )......anyway...thanks sis, your a doll......

I hope I am not bombarding you with outside pictures too often, but I really wanted to show you how the working garden is getting on. Can you believe all the wood and bricks came from our next door neighbour I think we owe him a barrel of cider eh?!! To say the carrots are ropey is being kind ( I blame littlest bumblebee, she did those!!! ) but a mummy at school told me to just sew more carrot seeds in the spaces between, so I have...fingers crossed, as I have no-one else to blame this time!

I think I am wittering on too much see I have been baking cakes all day for the village walk on Sunday, yummy lemon drizzle and a whopper of a malteaser cake. And not once did I sneak a taste! But tut tut I have now had some chocolate, and if you asked my folks what happens to me after chocolate...they will tell you........I become hyperactive....Mr.Q knows when I've had it, I can't shut I'm off now.............................................................sorry for
T.T.F.N xxxx


  1. I know what you mean about charity shops. Although I found a couple of lucky finds just the other day!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Hi there. I have just found your blog and I am loving the garden and the gorgeous fabrics you got. But I am really really loving your cute house with the painted ceiling and beams. It looks adorable, cottaey and perfect. I like the doggies, they look so cosy and the piano is gorgeous! I can't wait to oome back.
    I miss uk chazza shops and imagine them to be full of treasures I am missing out on. Hope they shape up for you soon.

  3. I shall keep looking for finds then! Thankyou so much for your lovely comments, its lovely to read them! x
    Nattie x

  4. Hi, I found your blog through my other new lovely finds - Romi & Bob and Tales From Cuckoo Land. I'm quite new to this blogging thing but really getting into the swing of it now! Love your blog and looking forward to reading more. We have a little yard outside our house where we plan to build a raised vegetable bed. Hubby fancies growing broad beans so I'll follow your tips with interest!

    Swing by mine if you fancy - I talk about all kinds of things but you might be able to give me tips on my new sewing hobby and gardening!

    Nicki xx