Monday, 1 August 2011

She'll always be my baby bumblebee........x

My baby bumblebee is 5 tomorrow. She is feeling rather grown up and excited, I am feeling rather strange about it all. I am excited for her, to be a whole year older ( it was such a big thing wasn't it at that age, to be even a year older...) but I feel my Tilly, my little girl has grown up so fast, and I don't quite know how it happened so quickly......

She had a very girly party on Sunday, with all her school pals, they danced to Abba and Olly Murs, and ate sweets and ice creams, and watched big bumblebee perform a puppet show for them all.....

Another mummy said to me..." you should do children's parties " reply?......................" NO!!!!! I enjoy all the planning, but oh NO! My children's party's are quite enough!"..........I thought the cute little princess carriages were brill, the girls all loved them, most took them home with them, and it fits just the right amount of food in, AND recycle-able...... fab.....Party pieces........nuff said.

The donut cake you must do. Absolutely effortless, and I even saw girls munching theirs on the way out as they couldn't wait till they got home.....( hooo hum, maybe those carriages don't hold enough food! ).......

So there we go....I will never host another 5th birthday party in my life....ever? How does that feel...ummmm weird, but I suppose in a god way, we are nearer the cinema and a pizza stage? Ooooh or midnight snacks and sleepovers......a glass half empty or half full??!!!!!

We are off on a little 5th Birthday adventure's a surprise for the girls......can't wait!..xxxx


  1. Hi,your party looks lovley, very girly very pink my favorite colour.My daughter used to have nice partys as a little girl,now she has 3 boys of her own and everything is blue and proper boy stuff,we girls dont get a look in im affraid.Glad you had a good day.Love Jill xx

  2. The party looked really lovely. I'm gathering ideas to pass on for my grand-daughter, and that Doughnut Cake has shot straight to the top of the list!
    Julie xxxxxxxx