Thursday, 18 August 2011

Baby birdie......x

In all this drizzle and mist, there is something that both the bumblebee's love and me too! You see it all started this morning when biggest bumblebee and I visited our favourite local shop Delilah Petal ....this is NOT a shop for the un-girly. You must be a Cath Kidston fan, enjoy pink, glitter, ditsy floral prints, and dinky china. Thankfully we like all of the above......

The trip was meant to be for stocking up my present shelf ( you never know when a bumblebee is invited to a party, or I always forget someone's birthday... sorry if that's been you happens to everyone eventually )

The cutest little cardboard birdy caught our eyes, and was swiftly taken home....I know, I know, it's meant for children, but it does look so sweet in the dining room, mid flight, on it's candy cane coloured cord....

Lets face it, it was never going to make it to the shelf was it?

So happy birdie Thursday to you.........hope it makes you smile too.......x


  1. It does! So does your lovely dining room. I like a lot of things that are meant for children. Having a child gives you a great excuse to buy cool stuff. I love your dresser and the flower pics in your living room. Your bumblebee is a cutie too! x

  2. delightful! You'll have to get another for the present shelf.

  3. Oh what a pretty little birdie, and your baby too of course!
    Nice pictures of your dining room too- I love your style.