Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday post......x

Ahhhh the holidays so far have been great. This week we have picnic-ing most days, in Somerset parks with friends and sandwiches...

Let me tell you...there has been bickering too.......we are not perfect, BUT on the whole I LOVE the bumblebee's at home...being able to play and have days is great too, but I sometimes feel they get the best bits of our children, while we are left with the grumpy hungry versions at the end of the day!!

This morning we are at home......just being. You need those days don't you?

A few weeks ago, the postman delivered a variety of gorgeous catalogues,.....including the lovely my fav's this season?...Easy....!!....

 Bird tin brooches rock........these are on my must have list...sooooo pwetty...want,want,want....

Bad picture I know, but gumboot socks, that are 1. GREEN! and 2......Floral....amazing.

This Rob Ryan print, which I can oogle and ahhh but I'm afraid will never afford, I adore soo so so much. I'm a romantic what can I say! And I love red, and I love hearts and birds...ok?!

Really I need to stop tapping these keys and get on with this....

The worlds longest patchwork project it driving me bonkers? Actually no, It's a good excuse to sit down with a cup of tea and watch rubbish daytime telly, or perhaps The Notebook, or Harry Potter!!!

Parting words today are...... Peace and love man.... seriously, after all the happenings in the cities this week, we all need a bit of peace and love for ourselves and sent to those in the midst of it all..........xxxxxx


  1. Here, here! Couldn't agree with your last comment more!

    I'm loving those socks too. M x

  2. Wow, lovely pics. I love the socks too and the bottom pic is my fave. Is it your patchwork? It is amazing.
    I am with you on the peace and love. xxx

  3. I love those bird pins - how have I not seen them before!

    Looks like a pleasant picnic - love the bunny plate.

    Have a great weekend. sam x