Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hustle, bustle patchwork.....x

Tuesday saw a bit of a road trip, it was little bumblebee's actual birthday, we zoomed to London. Both bumblebee's like a bit of hustle and bustle, busy busyness. I am sure, once they are of age, they will indeed fly the nest, and end up in a city somewhere. But lets now wish away the years...back to London......

Can I please have a little piece of this? I 'll even just settle for a room in your house if you live here.....please make contact, a room on this road ...I'll swap you for...ummm.....say cakes made each week, and perhaps a patchwork cushion or...ummmm.......some vintage treasure??? No?! rude...

On the subject of tortoise pace blanket is, coming along at urmmm tortoise pace....hand sewing is a lengthy process no doubt, but extremely enjoyable. And only a few late night mistakes have been made so far....a novice, that's me. I think the trouble will come once I need to start adding wadding and see I am making it to fit a double bed comfortably ( this means a little bit of dangling either side..the cottage is tre cold in the winter, and I like to feel no drafts...or giraffe's as the bumblebee's would say )...

It's nice to have a big project on the go that I can keep getting back to.........I am giving myself until winter ( yup vague I know...that's deliberate! ) 


  1. Oh yes, you can't beat a bit of London every now and then! Great patchwork too, lovely fabrics.

  2. Nice to see the Citroen 2CV hung up there - my favourite and my best!