Friday, 26 August 2011

It's a bumblebee's life........x

Can I show you what the bumblebee's have been up to this week???????????????
I think I'd quite like to be 5 or 7 years old again. 

When it seems the summer holidays have been here forever and a life time.

When your world is a mixture of Sylvanian Families, Rainbow Magic books , Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

When you've been colouring a masterpiece, and suddenly go over the lines, you cry until you have a headache.

When your favourite foods can make you whoop with joy, and your worst make you pull the funniest faces and dramatically gag!

When you have learnt to ride your bike, there's no feeling like it. Free like a bird.

And when you feel the giddiness of falling into a happy dreamy sleep, with the muffled voices of your parents and the television, feeling safe.....and content.

Happy Weekend xxxx


  1. lovely post.. it was great being 7 !!
    Love that pic of your two girls so lovely and cosy looking1

  2. The girls look to be having a wonderful time in thier pretty den.Love Jill xx

  3. What a fun packed summer hols you are giving your girls. Lots of happy memories being made.
    Thanks for popping by and leaving me a comment about the wardrobe. Hope you are pleased with your makeover.
    Lisa x

  4. Looks like they've been having a wonderful week. I want to be five or seven again now!

  5. Hi, I've just recieved a Versatile Blogger award and want to pass it on to you and your fabulous blog!! Here is the link -

    Hope you are having a good week,

    Louise xx

  6. Gorgeous pictures of what sounds a perfect summer holiday. I loved reading, it made me feel sad that the days are running past, even when mine drive me mad, I still prefer all these days of magic.

    Love those heart shaped cups and the drawn on table too.