Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The last Monday......x

Monday, Monday, Monday...the last Monday before school begins........BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Time today, has been spent painting the new skirting boards in the kitchen that Q had put up at the weekend....my favourite TALLOW.

Charity shop hunting.......not much bounty today....but I did manage to find two duvet covers ready for chopping.....Is it me or are Charity shops getting more expensive? I mean a fire guard...nothing special...£20! At the car boot it would have been a few squids I'm sure of it....humpfffff.

And playing games. Little bumblebee was given Pop To The Shops x ...if you have kiddie winkles 4/5-8 yrs this game is a must......Super good for money recognition...and a bit of a giggle when you act as a shopkeeper ( clears throat, and musters a big deep booming voice! ).........so board games...and teddy picnics.....this game I managed to gracefully bow out of  ( there is a limit to my game playing...before the mind begins to drift.......to things a Mummy must be getting on with before the daddy gets home.......I actually DON'T play games with the girls ALL day...I do, do................STUFF you know )

So there we are....perhaps not very exciting, but a nice day none the less......One more week Mummies...one more week..............are you ready for the early morning school runs again?...x


  1. I used to hate it when it was time to go back to school.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. im such a bad mummy me thinks.. im so ready for the school run !!!..

  3. I know how you feel. I'm a bit sad this is the very last week of the holidays too.

    Chin up,

    Nina x

  4. I love the term, 'bounty', I may have to nick that one! Playing games with the kids sounds lovely. My little one is going to nursery for the first time this week and I will really miss her. x

  5. Like the lovely colours on your walls in the first pic.
    I've recently hidden my washing machine behind a fabric curtain, green gingham here!
    This last week is a bit strange for me as T is away in London until the w/end and S is off with my mum until tomorrow. Feels a bit the hols have ended early!
    Enjoy your last week and no I'm not ready for the early starts!
    Lisa x

  6. Hmmm, I think we're ready. As I speak little man is upstairs with two friends, jumping on the blow up mattress from last night's sleepover. Actually, I'd better go as I think they're about to come through the ceiling!! M x

  7. I'm sick of seeing my 15 year old son in his pjs all day so yes I'm ready bring it on .
    Pretty wall colour too
    xx fee

  8. i agree about shops. i saw a vintage girls annual - it was £10!!! oh well i surpose they are trying to make money, but then i didn't buy it. i must cover my washing machine it looks sooooo much better. x