Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Seasons and Lavender Biscuits.....x

One of the lovely things about living in the country........feeling part of each season. As the farmers do their thing, you always feel part of it........I love that. 

So quite honestly, the only thing for sit down with a cup of tea and a homemade biscuit. ( Poor farmer doing all the work! ) 
This recipe is the best biscuit one I have come across,  I have tweaked it to suit my munching make it a mission this week to make some.......I find they don't stay around long enough to even be put in the biscuit tin!

Lavender Biscuits

You will need......

200g Self raising flour.
100g caster sugar.
100g Butter.
1 Egg lightly beaten.
Some stalks and flowers of lavender.....( leaves roughly chopped, flowers pulled apart...this is a taste thing.....but too much over powers the have been warned! )

Heat the oven 190/gas mark 5.
Rub the flour, sugar, and butter together until like breadcrumbs.
Add the chopped lavender leaves and mix.
Add enough egg to bring it all together as a stiff dough.
Flour your hands and shaper the dough into a tube 5 cms in diameter. Cut into 2cms thick slices and place in a baking tray.
Sprinkle some lavender flowers on the top of each biscuit...
Bake for 10-15minutes until golden........( enjoy the smell wafting....)

Perfect for friends coming round, play dates, or grown up chit chats!
This recipe is similar to the jammy biscuits I make...which just involves making a crater in the middle of the biscuits and adding a teaspoon of good jam.

Happy eating my friends.....xx


  1. I too look forward to the change of season - wouldn't it be boring to have same old same old all the time. Hubby and I decided this morning that Autumn is definately on the way. Pile on the blankets, get snuggled up and bake. Oh yeah.

  2. thanks for this, we're got loads of lavender