Saturday, 20 August 2011

A good ticking off........x

Lists. I like writing lists. I find they help me, or at least make me feel like I'm a little bit organised...the first step to actually getting something done...or that's the idea.
Anyway they make me feel happier.....and none more so than my latest. Not because what is in the list, but because what the list is written on....

This beautiful memo board found here at Catkin Collection. I normally go for more cottagey style ( had you noticed? )...but every now and then a modern piece catches my eye....we are ticking off jobs at the cottage and places to visit while Q is off for two weeks.......funny how the jobs are at the bottom......

Actually one thing a list does not my terrible memory. Is there a pretty homeware/decoration that will help me with this?...Perfect example of one of my "ditsy spells"......I left the tap at the kitchen sink running the other day...... thought I would fill the sink up, give it a good clean, good wife styleeee, then.....forgot...blaming the bumblebee's after hearing a tap running, Q runs into the lounge announcing it's water pouring onto the kitchen floor I can hear....well the kitchen needed a good clean is all I can say....tell me we all do these things please....

Happy weekend xx


  1. I have lots of lists, in books, on my chalk board, on scraps of paper - daily lists, weekend lists, monthly & yearly! I've had a look at the website link and seen they do a cow notice board too, hmmmm, tempted!

    What a beautiful garden too.

    Sam x

  2. Lists are a joy! ilove tickingthem of and sometimes going back and looking at previous list!!. xx