Monday, 15 August 2011

Pen lovin......x

This weekend we were feeling like we needed a little bit of air and freedom.........Pilsdon Pen was the answer...

It's a very high made or natural I know not...but it's an old fort....with a panoramic view of Somerset, Devon and Dorset.
Walking legs on..........we climbed...and climbed....and climbed......

You can even see the sea.....( think it must be Charmouth?! )...was great to blow the cobwebs out, feel re-energised and new.

With birds tweeting, horses neighing in the distance.....farms busying, and bees and butterflies fluttering....what seemed to be a baron windy hill top with a view, is actually.....buzzing with wildlife, if you just sit still long's constant.....but can you imagine in the winter time, how cold a place like this gets? And what it would have been like all those many years ago for those looking out across country, watching for invaders  preparing for an onslaught or confrontation??!!

It was also one of those days where the clouds seem to change shape and colour flying through the sky, being carried by the wind.

I always find is quite tricky when choosing pictures for this type of I am sorry if there are far too many, but I wanted you to see what we got up to, and what a lovely place it is.....

Do you often pop on your walking boots, backpack on, and head for the open fields?

B.T.W...........a quick shop in waitrose this week saw me gasp at £5 for a few sunflower heads .....these on our table? From the garden, the sunflowers are positioned infront of the chicken coop, not only to add a little shade for them, but I thought the poop would do them good! And so it has! These were just some of the extra sproutings off the main flower! Dead cheap, ever so thrifty and blinkin gorgeous...........

Chocolate cake, made by the bumblebee's at the weekend..............fancy a chin wag and a slice?!


  1. Some really lovely photos in this post and an even lovelier looking cake to finish it! I'll have a slice (or two!) please! xx

  2. What a refreshing get away, I love days like these, the kids love it to. Love your pictures, and the glimpse of little doodles on the table.

  3. Def looks like it was worth the effort! and some good exercise too!


  4. Love a good walk, one of my favourite things to do. And if I can have a massive slice of chocolate cake with a big mug of tea afterwards, all is well in my world!

    Nicki xx

  5. Count me in for a delicious slice of cake :)

    Gorgeous photos- my favs are the ones in the field with the kite.