Wednesday, 24 August 2011

She's a Bird........x

Do you remember......a little while ago.......the birdies in the garden giving me a making urge??? I wrote about it here anyway......I have only just got round to doing something about it...having doodled some ideas in my doodle pad....last night while watching The Great British Bake Off...( how good is this show?!!!!....Love it's styling and kooky Mel and Sue presenting, but the star surely has to be Mary Berry......feel like I should do a little curtsey whenever I say her name...).....I made a start...and found I couldn't stop...

Big bumblebee couldn't sleep last night....she has a cold, can't stop snuffling, and colds always affect her Asthma so she was a little wheezy too bless like any good mother....I put her to work, holding the fabric while I sewed, pulling out pins, telling me I would do better on the baking show as my cakes are the best ( this might have been a lure to stay up longer......think it worked )

Her wing is a handy pocket.........she might need a few more buttons and adornments...but I like her...she's already little bumblebees fav...............

It is quite tricky, don't you think, trying to fit in some making whilst the kiddies are still home.....EVENINGS are the answer.  Today we are having a home day. Q is here too, so perhaps a nice dog walk, pottering in the garden, playing Docotor Who/Sarah Jane with the girls............ahhhhhhh LOVE the summer holidays!


  1. Love the birdy! You're right, the Great British bake off is brilliant - not sure if I could cope with the stress of cooking infront of a legend!

  2. So sweet! I wish I had more time. I'm finally off child duty by 9pm and then it's catch up on housework or study. Not enough hours in the day.

    I've so much material, I'd love to have a go at making something similar.

    Sam x

  3. Wow, I love your birdie cushion,and the fabrics you've used. I wouldn't mind making one my self....if you don't mind me pinching your idea?!

  4. Thank you!, When I do I'll do a link back to you.
    Thanks, hope you have a happy day xx

  5. Goodness, your blog is just beautiful, I'm so going to be hooked to your posts I can tell...

    I love your little birdie with all her adornments by the way... such pretty fabric!

    I'm with you on the summer holiday pottering front...I will miss that when my boys return to school, although I am looking forward to some extra crafting time ;)

    Anyway...happy pottering (of the Harry kind too)

    Louise xx